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1 x KTM Style Kick start 13mm Shaft


Much stronger than usual kick start & FAR more stylish. Provides far more leverage on high compression engines. Start your bike easier every time. We have tested these kick starts to destruction. We needed a 2 meter length tube to get enough leverage to bend one. Very very strong.Fits almost all pit bikes with a 13mm kickstart shaft. Does not fit engines of 150cc and Higher which have the Larger 16mm kickstart shaft Some YX140 engines also have the larger kickstart shaft


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Weight 540 g



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To Fit Make

Demon X/TTR, Stomp, Thumpstar, Welsh Pit Bike

To Fit Model

Demon X – 110, Demon X – 120 DXR, Dirty C (110), FXJ 110, Juicebox 110, Juicebox 90, Road Ripper, SS120, SS120r, Thumpstar 125, WPB 110, WPB 110 Boyo (OLD), WPB 125

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