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1 x Demon X Silent Muffler


Fed up of people complaining about how loud your bike is? Finally there is a solution & it will not restrict your bikes power, nor will it make your bike sound like a strangled cat. This muffler sounds fantastic & it totally knocks the exhaust decibels down at the same time. Perfect for those tracks who insist on quiet exhausts, or for when you are riding where you shouldn’t be, or for when you have been pulled & given a producer for your loud road pit bike. Fantastic quality, a direct replacement for all Stomp & WPB Oval mufflers. Simply remove your existing oval muffler & replace with the Stealth Muffler.


-CNC Exit, anodised in matt black colour with a matching black noise restrictor

-Oval alloy construction

-Inlet 39 mm internal bore (standard stomp/WPB front pipe for Oval mufflers)


** Please check out our other items for many more Genuine Stomp components**

Weight 1150 g







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To Fit Make

Demon X/TTR, Stomp, Welsh Pit Bike

To Fit Model

Demon X – 120 DXR, Demon X/TTR – 140, Demon X/TTR – 170, Dirty B (140), Dirty S (170), GP1, KZ, SS120, Stomp 160 (155), Stomp KZR 160cc, Stomp Z3 140R, WPB 110 Boyo (OLD), WPB 125, WPB 140, WPB 140 T2WIN, WPB 155, WPB 170 T2WIN, WPB 190, Z2, Z3 140